Strange bedfellows


Urban Cinematics: design of the Eastern Parkway at 5/10/15/50 FPS

Stan Allen

My thesis explores infrastructural designs based on multiple speeds and architectural designs from views on the road, in order to create multiple sets of urban cinematic experiences from movements and attention of details. 

The advancement of technology of speed has greatly changed how we register time and space in notations from individual movements to road traffic. It also changed how big and how fast our cities can be, and how the intersections between highway, roads, and local streets are designed. Differences in speed also determines the view from the road, more specifically, the scale of signs and relationship between buildings and street front. Speed also modifies the amount of information and resolution perceived. As near objects rush past more rapidly, they are perceived as blurs and attention may shift to more distance and more stable elements. Larger spaces and forms take demand. The scene shifts from detail to generality.

My thesis brings these research to today’s existing infrastructure, the Eastern Parkway, to explore the speed and movements both in plan-based urban design, and architectural designs from elevations and perspectives. My questions for the thesis are how architectural operations can precisely control and design with motion, the amount of information perceived, and how to design a public space with various cinematic experiences for different speeds?


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Contributors: Kelsey Lee, Hannah Jieun Kim, Daniel Hall


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Piao Liu
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